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Greens On

Environmentally Sustainable

Vision Greens produce, certified by Foodland Ontario, is grown, harvested, and packaged at our Welland farm, and travels less than 200 km – or 92 percent fewer food kilometers than imported lettuce, to get from farm to table. And because our produce is not susceptible to disease, drought, and climate change elements, there is no contribution to greenhouse gas emissions caused by food waste. Our farm further contributes to sustainable practices by using up to 95% less water and 95% less land than a traditional Canadian crop farm.

As a bonus, our sustainable growing process which includes no use of pesticides, ensures a longer shelf life for our produce.

Innovative Technology

Vision Greens’ proprietary patent-pending technology leverages research from the University of Guelph’s Research Facility (CESRF), that in partnership with NASA, studies how to grow produce in space. Vision Greens also owns exclusive Canadian rights to Norwegian technology that enables a fully automated environment perfectly controlled for heat, humidity, irrigation, light, oxygen and C02 to optimize agricultural growth.

Better Tasting Greens

Vision Greens produce is grown locally in Welland Ontario in a state-of-the-art vertical farm, 365 days of the year. The produce grown is pesticide free, non-GMO verified, and utilizes a proprietary growing process able to uniquely optimize produce quality and taste. 


That’s why Vision Greens are Better Tasting Greens. They are grown and harvested in perfect agricultural conditions, so they arrive on your table at their peak of flavour and freshness.

Locally Grown

Extended shelf life

Low carbon footprint

Foodland Ontario Certification

Clean Food

Zero pesticides and herbicides


Hydroponically grown

Fresh Taste

Daily harvests

Daily deliveries

Consistent quality

Environmentally Sustainable

96% less water and land usage

92% less miles travelled

Less food waste

Our Produce

Crunchy Green Leaf Lettuce

Crunchy Red Leaf Lettuce

Crispy Baby Romaine Lettuce

Fancy Premium Lettuce Mix

Zesty Arugula

Living Genovese Basil

Our Produce

All Vision Greens produce is Ready to Eat and can be consumed direct from the package


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