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Better Than Organic

The New Gold Standard

Consumer Research shows Greens grown locally and without the use of pesticides and GMOs, represent Gold Standard Produce. Why? Because eating locally grown clean food is simply better for you.

And, while many people believe Organic produce represents the Gold
Standard, Scientific Research shows hydroponically grown greens, grown in water, like Vision Greens produce is, represents the real Gold Standard of Produce and deemed better than Organic Greens.

Locally Grown

Vision Greens are locally grown and travel less than 100km from farm to shelf. They are delivered as soon as they are harvested and packed, to stay fresher longer.


70% of all Organic Greens available are shipped from California by truck and take 10 days on average, to get to market. This reduces the quality, freshness, and shelf life of Greens since they begin to decay immediately upon harvest.

Pesticide Free

Vision Greens are grown without use of any pesticides in a controlled clean environment.


Organic Greens are sprayed in the field with biopesticides, which are still considered toxic.

Better Greens

Vision Greens are grown in a controlled environment, optimized for light, temperature, carbon dioxide, irrigation, and nutrition, allowing for the maximum absorption of phytonutrients in greens and better taste.

Organic Greens are field grown and exposed to fertilizers and soil contaminants such as herbicides and pathogens that deplete the overall quality and taste of produce.

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