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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vertical farm?

A vertical farm takes the process of growing agricultural crops, indoors. If you think about crops grown outdoors in soil, there is only one layer of soil available for them to grow. Vertical farming allows growers to grow in vertically stacked racks so many grow layers are possible. This ability to stack grow layers substantially increases the crop yield and output of a farm using only a fraction of the land.

One other advantage of vertical farming is the ability to control environmental elements. Our indoor growing process allows us to perfectly control heat, humidity, irrigation, lighting, oxygen and C02 and optimize the growing conditions of our produce. We also don’t need to spray our greens with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals since they are not exposed to outdoor elements. The result is a sustainable growing process that produces best in class produce.

Will you be bringing any more types of produce to market in the future? 

Vision Greens has lots of plans to add exciting NEW consumer favourites to its line of produce since we are always at work innovating. 

Currently we have 4 Lettuce varieties (Crunchy Green Leaf, Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Fancy Spring Mix, and Cherry Kiss Red Leaf Lettuce) and plan to expand with more leafy green varietals soon.

All new products will maintain identical standards of being non-GMO certified and pesticide-free and taste tested to ensure we only bring the best tasting greens to market. 

Stay tuned to our in-store section in the packaged salads area or follow us on Instagram to learn when any of our new products are launching

Do I need to wash Vision Greens prior to consuming them?

You do not need to wash Vision Greens produce before using it unless this is your personal choice. 


All Vision Greens produce is classified as Ready-to-Eat and is therefore safe to consume directly from the package. Our produce is grown in a clean indoor hydroponic growing facility where there is no exposure to insects, contaminated soils, or bad weather.  As such we do not spray our produce with any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and therefore have no residues to wash off the product prior to packing it and delivering it to market.


If you would like to review the Produce Safety cleaning guidelines prepared by Health Canada, they can be accessed through this link


If you do choose to wash our lettuce, it’s best to dry it thoroughly before returning it to the refrigerator, keeping it wrapped in paper towel in the package to maintain product freshness.

What is the shelf life of Vision Green produce?

The shelf life of all Vision Greens produce is 14 days with much of our produce lasting well beyond this time frame. 

Our produce lasts longer than field grown lettuce and other packaged lettuce since we do not use any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides that not only reduce the taste and integrity of the greens but shorten their shelf life. Our produce also travels less than 200 miles, 92% fewer miles than other produce, prior to store delivery and does not lose shelf life from sitting on trucks for days.

Does your farm sell direct to the public?

We sell our produce directly to grocers and other food businesses and establishments as our farm is not open to the public for buying. The good news is that because we harvest our produce so frequently, we can often pack and deliver our produce to market the same day, ensuring we always have the freshest produce available for you. View our list of participating Grocery Retailers.

What does it mean when you say your produce is hydroponically grown?

Hydroponic simply means grown in water without soil, which is the preferred growing practice at our vertical farm. Because water holds nutrients well, and can be recirculated, we can consistently bring nourishment to greens at the exact time they need it and in a sustainable way.  

Growing Vision Greens produce in clean ozonated water that is continually filtrated, mineralized, and fed to plants every 30 minutes, ensures our greens receive the optimal dosing of nutrients to thrive at all times. 

Importantly, even with growing our produce in water, our farm still uses 96% less water than a regular agricultural crop farm

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