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  • Living Genovese Basil
  • Living Genovese Basil

Living Genovese Basil

One of Vision Greens most iconic products highly sought after by Toronto’s brigade of Master Chefs and Nonas. What makes Living Genovese Basil most unique is that it is sold in its own pod and continues to thrive and maintain its freshly picked taste and flavour even after you bring it home.

Living Genovese Basil leaves are larger and more flavour packed than other packaged basils. Store the basil in its own package and at arms length in the kitchen (no need to refrigerate) since you will want to add its fresh picked flavour to pizza, pasta and salads, often. Living Genovese Basil also makes a great addition to a summer cocktail!


The Genovese varietal is a preferred sweet basil with hints of mint and clove while at the same time being peppery and spicy. It’s a flavour and taste that cannot be found outside of Italy except at the Vision Greens farm.

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