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Locally Grown

Extended shelf life

Low carbon footprint

Foodland Ontario Certification

Clean Food

Zero pesticides and herbicides


Hydroponically grown

Fresh Taste

Daily harvests

Daily deliveries

Consistent quality

Environmentally Sustainable

96% less water and land usage

92% less miles travelled

Less food waste

Our Produce

Crunchy Green Leaf Lettuce

Crunchy Red Leaf Lettuce

Crispy Baby Romaine Lettuce

Fancy Premium Lettuce Mix

Zesty Arugula

Living Genovese Basil


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Gold Star Reviews

Our customers are raving about Vision Greens. We're excited to offer a locally grown product and make significant strides to reduce our dependence on imported produce, offering exceptional freshness and taste, and allowing our guests to eat more fresh local food.

Frank Luchetta

President & CEO, Pusateri's Fine Foods

I can’t get enough of Vision Greens. The greens are the ultimate in flavour and freshness and the basil takes me right back to Italy. I don’t ever cover them up with too many ingredients because I want the delicious flavour to come through. 

Chef Eron Novalaski

Owner/Chef, Noce Restaurant & Aria Ristorante

Lettuce from Vision Greens is the tastiest lettuce I’ve ever had. The arugula, I’ve never had anything like it. It’s just so flavourful. Pairs well with lamb stew, feta brown rice, and pepper sauce.

Chef Dev

Toronto Celebrity Chef

Vision Greens has provided us with the freshest, cleanest, and most tender greens that we have ever used in twelve years. Their exceptional customer service sets a standard for the resturant and grocery industry. Our customers notice the consistency of quality right through the year and that is reflected in our sales. In particular the Basil is spectacular - we had never seen anything like it until now.



We love everything about your company, starting with locally grown produce from a Canadian company trying to make its business sustainable, etc etc.  But the truth is, these are the best lettuces you can buy in Toronto. In summer we are used to growing our own, picking it and carrying it inside to eat it. These greens are of the same level of quality and freshness.

David S.


I have never written any company about their lettuce before, but I was stunned when I tried Vision Greens. It's so fresh and tasty, I could not believe I was eating locally grown lettuce. Thank you for bringing this to us. 



Your products are very well presented and appealing to the consumer. Your lettuce is crunchy, clean, and keeps well. The basil is delicious! My sister is also very satisfied with your crunchy lettuce, she also highly recommends it. 

Johanne B.


I found your product at Metro; first time I have tried it...and it's great! Has stayed fresh in my refrigerator as I slowly use it (there are just 2 in our household). I will only look for your Green Leaf Lettuce from now on. Thanks

Lois L.


I am a Mama Earth customer and regularly buy the Vision Greens salad selections. The product is amazing. Thank you for this great produce. 

Jane M.


I have been enjoying your greens since I first saw them at Commisso's. I'm grateful you are growing greens so that I can enjoy locally grown food throughout all seasons. Not only are your greens delicious but they keep well for days in the fridge and do not start rotting and smelling after a few days like imported greens.

Deb D.


I bought the "Crunchy greens" - Wow! True its statement! I bought them for the first time at Food Basics in Woodbridge. Please fill our stores with this amazing family of greens. Please tell your stores to keep the prices where they are now! Thank you for your hard work to get these greens on our table. GOD BLESS YOU.

Christine V.


Just want to say I absolutely LOVE your lettuce!! Just discovered it recently in Food Basics. I've shared it on my Facebook! Keep up the great work and Thank YOU!!

Deirdre M.


Our Produce

All Vision Greens produce is Ready to Eat and can be consumed direct from the package.

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